28 January 2007

SS World's '07 & basically nothing about us.

Those of you bike fanatics out there... check it out... info. is FINALLY beginning to flow regarding SS World's in Scotland for '07.

SS World's '07 info.

Don't know if any of you have checked out my new pics... but I added a pic of a potential tat idea that I've been attempting to talk to the tat dude about for days. Fri. he wasn't in. He was supposed to be in on Sat. but wasn't after all. Today is Sunday and almost no one works here on Sunday. Tomorrow I'm going to try again. Here it is...

Oh... got the word that my bike is done at Black Sheep. Unfortunately, my check that was sent 2 weeks ago out of South Dakota has either failed to show up in Colorado or it got tossed as Junk Mail. In any case, at the very best, we'll pass in mid-air as it's flying here to meet me and we're heading to the States for the visit. It'll make the 10 days in over there feel really long as I really, really want to put this bike together and ride.

Check out this guy and Friend him if you're a MySpace'er. He's pissed and he seems to have a right to be... Fighting Corruption or at his other site Stolen Underground

I'm sure that there's more, but I can't remember it at my age. Maybe I need a drink. Oh... here you go... two new bike companies. Sweet stuff on both of 'em.

Exhibit's A & B) Mary - somehow affiliated with Siren Bikes

Then, check out...Siren Bicycles

Exhibit C)
Singular Bicycles
Those that attended or paid close attention to SS World's '06 pics, might recognize this beauty..

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