06 January 2007

It's winter... kinda

HAPPY NEW YEAR girls & boys!! We spent Christmas doing fondue with our friends Sara & Christian and then New Years with our other friends Susanna & Matthias. Above are a few pics of the crazy midnight fireworks!!

What that generally means for us is that we go to spin class, ride the trainer or rollers & Kera gets in "PROJECT" mode. Thus, in the past few weeks, er, months, she's finished a couple of quilts, tote-bags, grocery bags & more.

So, here's the evidence.

I couldn't even begin to explain to you how labor intensive the autumn colored quilt is. If you've never seen her other quilts, this at least give you an idea of the depth that she'll go to. She says that the "foldy" thing is out of her system now though.

In a few weeks, we're off to the States for our first return visit since coming moving here in Oct. of 2005. We're both getting excited to see lots of family & friends that we've, obviously, not seen much of in awhile. We're (maybe I should say Kera) is planning out our time as much as possible. She's much better at it than I. In any case, we're off to Seattle first and then Kansas City (girls first).

What else? Um, I was supposed to go do a bike race today, but with my 'rain phobia' I decided that it was not to be. Instead, we headed to our regular Saturday morning spin class and then we've been home cleaning house and relaxing since. Oh, it's a holiday here so EVERYTHING is closed. Even most restaurants & coffee shops.

So.... we'll see some of you guys pretty soon!


ojulius said...

Neat pics of the fireworks. Sounds like you guys had a great holiday.

The quilts are great! Kera definitely been busy if she managed to get 2 done in a couple of months. :)

Have fun in the states.

The Bicoastal Boys: said...

Great pics. Those alps look like an absolute hit to ride. Very smooth looking ss too.

megan said...

i so admire crafters and bike riders. :-) the quilts and bags are beautiful. sounds like a nice life you have carved out!!