12 February 2007

THANKS!! The US visit Readers Digest version

Yes, you saw a Pink Elephant!

Believe it or not, I started writing this post on Feb. 12th. then, somehow, forgot about finishing it.


We, finally, made it home. Amazing how long it takes to get here when your plane turns around 1/2 way to it's destination (Amsterdam) and then you have to do it all over again. Apparently, we had some sort of engine problem and instead of risking a water landing, they opted to head back over land.

No sooner did we deplane in Detroit and we got back on another plane to do the trip again. We hit Amsterdam and had to race through the airport to get on our rescheduled flight to Munich. When we arrived in Munich, we found that 1/2 of our bags had vanished. However, they were delivered tonight.

Four the troubles, we received flight discounts and vouchers for other flights. For the lost luggage, we got 25 Euros. Bizarre traveling when you're me. I seem to be the proverbial Black Cat & Lucky 13 rolled in to one where plane travel is concerned.

I managed to get most of the parts to complete both bicycles with the exception of a headset & stem for the Black Sheep & the rims/spokes for same. While on our vacation, I got an email from Doug at Curtlo that my old bike was done being repaired and he wanted to know what color to paint it. I decided to stick with the same Green but changed to Red stickers. Everyone knows how much that I love Christmas... it's great Grinch colors.

At Chelly's...mmmm Mexican food!

Another at Chelly's

We really want to say thanks to everyone that came out to our Seattle gathering, ate Mexican food with us, hit 75th Street Brewery, let us send things to their houses, ordered stuff for us, put us up or any of a long list of other things. THANKS!! It really made our first trip back home special. You get the picture. In general.... thanks to everyone!

Home of the Great Satan...Starbucks!

It was good to see family & friends wherever we went. I think that number of people that showed up at the 'gatherings' in both places was a bit overwhelming for us. In Seattle, we got a surprise when Ted & Vivion (my step-dad & his fantastic, blushing bride) showed up after having driven all the way from Northern California.

Here's a link to the few pics that we took. Sad that we only got the few you'll see here. I've no excuse really. We're just bad. U.S. Visit Photos


Matt said...

True Story - I almost got involved in a stolen pink elephant caper. I bailed out at the last minute, but my buddies got arrested and sufferred the consequences.

I was a frosh in H.S. and my ride home was a neighbor - Senior H.S.. We'll he had a truck and his G.F. and nother senior in H.S. they started drinking beer before we went home. Hey Mike was my ride home - and I was happy to hang out with the seniors anyway.

Well on the town cruise strip there was a fiberglass pink elephant on a trailer at the IGA Grocery. Mike and Darnell kept noticing how they could hitch it to Mike's truck everytime we drove past it. Well each time we went by it, they started getting more serious about it. I knew Mike was nuts, so I bailed and caught a ride home with some girls we talked with somewhere along the line.

Wake up the next day and fin out those crazy guys hooked up the Pink Elephant and drove through town with it - picked up a cop on their tail and sped out of town, only to turn a corner and have the pink elephant slide off the trailer into a ditch. Yeah they got in a lot of trouble for that.....

Your Mother said...

About damn time for an update. the only pink elephant I ever see, is the one you showed me after shaving your hairy ass.

that was one pink elephant.