17 January 2007

News and stuff

Bike III, originally uploaded by [skelly].

First... I've been given the pleasure of being featured on two different sites recently. Very strange. Here they are.Bikeliker & Gwadzilla Blog, I was up on Jan. 12 '07. To the Americans, it'll look like Dec. 12.

Let's see, where are we? A couple of weeks till we visit the States. This Sunday Kera has a meeting at a ski resort outside of Innsbruck (not sure what they'll do given the near total lack of snow this winter). Um, got a new job! Also, my new Black Sheep bike ought to be heading this way soon. Phew!

So, to elaborate on a couple of things. The new job... I'm an English teacher. I'll be working freelance, teaching Business English and General English for a relatively new Language school here in München. Good luck reading the site, but here it is... Modolingo. I'd been trying to get a job at one of the multitude of schools here in town but hadn't heard a thing from any of them.

I found the ad on an Ex-Pat forum and with Kera's goading, I carried my happy ass down to the school to drop off the cover letter & resume. As I walked in the door, there were two ladies talking and I presented my resume & told them why I was there. One of the ladies told me to sit down and that she'd be right with me (oh, didn't expect that). Anyway, she interviewed me and told me to get my work permits in order and I'd have a job.

Tomorrow, I start training and on Monday, I start teaching a class, mid-day, twice a week. From what my new boss told me, I'll quite likely be quite busy before too long. She has idea of various other classes that I could do (i.e. English language mountain bike classes, wine tastings & other things). I'll take it day by day and see what happens.

Should look a lot like this one above...

Like I said, the new Black Sheep bike should be on the way soon. I can hardly wait! Hard to believe that I've been without my own mountain bike since October. That's the longest time I've been without at least one mountain bike in the stable in 15 or so years that I've been mountain biking.

Last week Kera and I were on the way to a party with our spin class colleagues when I took a tumble on my city bike fixie. Normally, I wear shoes for my clipless pedals every time that I get on my bike. Instead, I'd just found an old pair of Converse high tops in a box. I had those on and when I caught the ende of the bike lane, my bike slid down the edge and down I went.

As I lay there I did a quick mental/physical examination and could tell that my knee and lower leg hurt quite a bit. In fact, my knee felt like I'd hit the 'funny bone'. Kind of dead, but mobile. I wasn't bleeding anywhere so off we went to the party. The next morning I awoke to no swelling but a fair amount of pain from bruising and almost a week later, it's waning, but still a constant reminder of what concrete and bike crashes can do.

Lastly, Kera's been sewing a lot more. Now, it's small purse/messenger bag things. Quite cool and quite useful. The toughest part is finding outdoor fabrics in Europe. Very strange since Gore-Tex is from here, there multiple Cordura plants here, etc. However, finding the stuff online, especially in Germany, is nearly impossible. I'll post pics as things develop.

So... for now, Ciao!

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