19 November 2007

That, that and the other thing.

You're looking at an experiment. My usual blog is what you normally see here. I'm also posting the same thing here. As you can see, it's on Wordpress.com. Lately, Blogger has kind of pissed me off and I'm thinking about switching over from here. The other thing is that if I ever get my website off the ground, it seems much easier to integrate Wordpress than Blogger in to a site.

So, what the means is that I'm going to throw a few blogs up at Wordpress and here for awhile and see how it works out. No worries, if I decide to switch, I'll let everyone know before I do it so that you can update links, etc. In any case, it's probably not a bad idea to keep an eye out (provided you care) for updates both places.

Let me know what you think.

This sounds like fun. Check out the SingleSpeed CycloCross World Championships. I think it sounded a bit more entertaining than even Scotland. Definitely less chance of injury outside of drinking too much or getting hit with a dodgeball or paintball.

Tests... I've always hated 'em. I've not got one more out of the way and I think that I have a quite good idea that I passed it. The folks at ASL did a really good job preparing us for what we were going to undertake. The practice tests were seemingly harder than the actual test. Thanks gang! Kudos to Frau Isa, Hans and lastly Elisabeth. All worked hard with our crazy bunch of deviants to prepare us. Now, I just have to wait the 8 weeks (yes, I said 8) for the results. What happened to German efficiency? Hmmm?

The Singular that we bought for Kera to ride to work was stolen a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, before she ever got a chance to ride to the new office. That was the whole purpose for buying it. Death (at least maiming) to bike thieves!

Cool bike tire rings. Nice! Well, that is if you're like me and wear rings.

My newest favorite blog(s) -
Bike Porn - well, not for everyone.
Go Clipless - randomness and commentary on new mtb stuff

Not really a blog but great for bike industry info. Bicycle Newwire.

Go here and make your own really cool (well, if you have an imagination) Puma shoes in custom materials and colors.

The new kitchen is done and here's one of a few pics that I've taken of it. We think that it turned out quite well. More pics here.

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ojulius said...

I can't believe Kera's beautiful bike was stolen!! :(

Your kitchen is awesome!! I want it!