30 November 2007

The Mothership has Landed!

I got a message late a couple of nights ago that the new Black Sheep frame has arrived in Germany! Woohoo!

I'm going to pick it up from my buddy this weekend at a race that we're both attending.

Crazy busy with classes right now. Not to mention, I often have 3 separate classes a day in 3 different parts of the city. That means 3 different levels and in total about 2 hours of travel time. It means basically that I have have about 2 or so hours off between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Phew! Granted, it's a good problem (being busy, just exhausting).

Still no word on my Deutsch test. I need to give them a call or go by today and check in.

It's really crappy out today. I'd planned to go for a ride, but I'm not sure that I'll manage it given that it's raining off/on and it's close to freezing. Yuck! Instead, I'm hanging light fixtures and pictures as well as doing laundry and cleaning house. Fun eh?

Christmas markets open this weekend so we might go see them. That's about all the news.

1 comment:

Gybe said...

He he...nice frame !
Hope to see this one mounted soon...