05 July 2007

Life's pretty good....

If you look under my profile photo on the right, you'll see a new feature. It's an email sign-up that you can use. It'll shoot you an automatic email each time that I update. If you do that, can you shoot me a message letting me know so that I can take you off the other email that I send out. That way you don't get two messages. O.K.? Thanks!

Next.. we did a beautiful ride last weekend out by Garmisch. F-in beautiful I might add! Here are a couple of pics and a link to the rest of them (mine and our friend Matthias').

Other news: I'm back in school doing an Integration class. Last time we went to get me a work permit, they told me that I needed to do this to get long-term residency and work permits. Also, we're doing the apartment search thing. I'll let you know more as things pan out.

Hope that everyone is well. Ciao!

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Scott said...

I use the FeedReader, so I'm good... I wish this one was updated as often as the MySpace one.. :)