20 June 2007

Looking in to the future


This post has been hanging around for a bit. Figured that I might as well post it as the first thing is happening this weekend.

I think most people know that I don't usually spend a whole lot of time or effort looking in to the future or the past. Mostly, I tend to live day-by-day. Granted, this might be great if you're a practicing Buddhist monk or alcoholic but I need to live in the 'real' world once in awhile.

Therefore, I need to make a schedule of sorts for the upcoming weeks and maybe even months. On our plate currently are these events...

4th Külsheim 12 hour race
Schlaflos im Sattel night race
Singlespeed World's in Scotland with a little vacation

The 12 hour profile -

The SiS info. -

I would like to have done the 24 hour race in München again this year but the people that run it won't answer email and definitely have one of the worst websites ever produced for a promotional group this large. Hence, the reason that we're doing the Kühlsheim race. Well, that and the fact that a lot of the people from SSEC in France will be there too.

Funny...after I wrote the above comment, I was actually asked to participate as part of our gym's 24 hour 4 man team. If I hadn't already signed up for Külsheim, I'd have probably done it. However, it's more cool that Kera gets to be a part of it too.

We've also booked our trip to Vietnam in late Dec. through early Jan. '08. More on that later.

The possible move thing seems to be coming along as well. I'll let you know about that as it gets finalized.

Lastly, my Deutsche course is coming along. It's a lot of work, but definitely worth it.

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Scott said...

Weird, my feed reader says this is July 13 and your newest post...