28 July 2007

Movin' on...


I've mentioned it briefly and I didn't want to say too much until it was a bit more finalized. Well, now it is, we're moving! On Thursday morning, we did pretty much what amounts to the closing.

Believe it or not, here in Germany, they actually read the entire contract to you and the seller. That way, there is nothing hidden or misunderstood. The lawyer makes changes as he/she goes. A very interesting process as they read technical law in Deutsch at an amazing speed.

Our new place is on the opposite side of downtown. It plops us within a couple of minutes of the Isar river, it's close to the mountain bike trails, we get super easy access to road riding, trail running and so much more. That's just the sporting opportunities. It'll also put us in an interesting Italian/Turkish neighborhood. That, for us, means that we have lots of great produce and ethnic food in the area. It also puts us very close to the Autobahn as well. That means about 20 minutes cut off of every trip out of town heading anywhere but north (which we do very rarely anyway).

Pics of the new place are here. I'm sure that I'll be adding many more to the pool. Keep checking it out.

We still need to turn in our notice on the apartment that we're currently in and we've got to finalize the installation of the new kitchen as well. Beyond that, it's just planning the move itself and all the utilities moving too. A rough guess puts us moving somewhere in at the end of September to the middle of October.

Where said kitchen will live.

We had a good meeting with our kitchen designer today and got all that pretty much finalized. We're meeting him this week at the apartment to do measurements and see the completed projects.

This weekend we're heading northwest for a couple of races on the same weekend. It's a combo of the German singlespeed championships and the SiS race. Entry fee for the singlespeed race is a 6 pack. Appropriate for singlespeeders? No? No worries... we've got Bavarian beer to bring with.

Side Non-Drive02

Side Non-Drive02

Keras finished a couple beautiful bags lately. Check 'em out. We're working on getting her an official website up soon too.

Side Non-Drive02

I finished Keras commuter/singlespeed bike over the weekend. It turned out quite cool. It's not a Badger (if you need a new bike go with Rob), but it's much more suited to sitting out in the elements day in and day out than something that nice. It's most comprised of spare parts that I had around the basement along with a new part here and there. Check it out here if you want.


yourmothersvagina said...

You forgot to mention you guys will be only a 5 min ride away from us, and that means no more ignoring us for weeks on end.

P.I.A. One Speed Freak said...

What? Did you say something?

Scott said...

Man, those are cool bags... I wish I used messenger bags, I'd grab one.. I like the new place too, it's got style...

ojulius said...

Kera has a great looking commuter bike!! Lucky girl. ;o)

Good luck with your move. Looking forward to the new pics when the appliances and stuff come in.

Matt said...

Just make sure that the guest room has a fridge in it that is well stocked with beer. Oh yeah, when are we coming over there? When the beer is in the fridge, silly.