19 April 2007

Telling stories with photos

First... bike saga might, FINALLY, be coming to an end. Seems that everything about this bike has just led from one problem to another. I hope it's a great as everyone clamims Black Sheep to be. In any case, I now have a non-functioning tracking number and I have a ship date. Add to that the guy that it's shipping to now seems to be on vacation. Ugh! At this point, my guess is that it's now in Germany sitting safely at it's next-to-end location and I can't get to it.

These are updated posts from my My(Wasted)Space page. Thought that I'd share them here for you guys to update you on our recent goings on......

Bits & pieces of stuff going on last week and this.

Here's a link to my Flickr page where I've uploaded a few new pics. I'll post a few of my favs here. Wunnspeed on Flickr

A good one of Kera -
Kera Smirk - Berlin

Kera being serious as usual -
Kera making faces
RottenMac loaned me his Karate Monkey to help me retain sanity. Here it is with a few of my parts on it -
Christians Karate Monkey

Kera's Retrotec - rolling art! -
Keras Retrotec

Hohenschwangau & Neuschwanstein in the same photo from the South end of Alpsee -

Slippery frogs? A sign that's south of town we saw on our ride last weekend -
Slippery Frogs Sign


I finished Berlitz training this past Tuesday. Yes, I learned a lot. Yes, it was necessary. No, I'm not cut out to be trapped in a stuffy room for 9 hours a day with little freedom to go outside. No, I don't live in the 'real' world anymore. I've adapted all too well to the life of a 'trailing spouse' & freelance English teacher. Most of my days consist of going to a class in the morning, teaching, going home for lunch and then rinse repeat of the morning. Throw in some grocery shopping, a ride here and there, cleaning house, making sock monsters, playing on the computer and a little more and you get the idea of how my days play out.

Thanks to Rottenmac for loaning me the Karate Monkey. It's been great being on a singlespeed again. Not only that, it again makes me wonder why anyone wouldn't like 29'ers. Damn, these things roll and do everything better, in my opinion, than a 'baby-wheeler'. My buddy Cotter loaned me his singlespeed one time way back when for a trip to Arizona. I'll never forget it. One of my favorite trips ever. Thanks guys!



Berlin... a way cool city that, in a lot of ways, reminded me of Kansas City and a lot of New York. In any case, a super flat city that's incredibly spread out compared to Munich. It's also a city that has a lot of open space and it's amazingly flat. The art scenes, music scenes and fixie culture seem to be very alive and well there.

Oh the hotel we stayed in was really cool (Propeller Island). The rooms as I'd pointed out before were all different. Strangely enough, no one running around in black leather. Just us 'normal' folks roaming about at breakfast and such. I've got a few pics that I need to upload so you can see more of our room. I'll tell you more when I post those. O.K.

See the bottom of this post for a few of our pics from Berlin. Also, check my Flickr page

What else? We ate some awesome Mexican food at Dolores after having done the Fat Tire Bike Tour and then cruising around town a bit. We also hit the Keirin Shop where I picked up a Brooklyn cycling hat. Check out the one on the top of the pic. Just like the one that I bought.

Perfect Trail Truck

Saw the above truck and lusted after it as it's the perfect trail building vehicle. Also, it'd be fun to pull up next to a Hummer and say whatcha driven there wannabe?

A cool pic of the Kera...

Kera On S-Bahn Platform - Berlin

A good bit of Graf. art


Me out riding the 'Evil' 26" wheeled thing a week or so ago.

Me, myself & I - Front

Found out that my Curtlo has been powdercoated but the paint guys didn't like the coating and had to reorder new powder. That's partly why it's taken 6 months for that repair as well. It's still not done. Wish I had it for this weekends (Garda marathon). As it is, it looks as though I'll be riding Kera's Retrotec. Not that riding it is a sacrifice, for me... it's a beautiful bike. Just wish I had my own. It's a teddy bear security blanket sort of thing I guess.

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