08 April 2007

Bag Crazy

Since Mike usually takes care of typing up our blog posts I figured that I should make a report to all of our friends about what has been taking up big chunks of my spare time lately. For those of you out there who have seen me in Obsessed Mode before you can probably imagine how things have been around here. I've been a tad bit focused on messenger bags..... to put it mildly.

The good news is that I've come a long way already. I made a couple of "prototype" bags and then made one for a friend. Here's a picture of Sabine's bag.#4 - Folder Bag outside

And a picture of the bag I made for myself with the same idea for an angled accent on the flap. The Best One Yet

I learn something new on each one and they are getting better all of the time. I just finished a bag for Mikey yesterday that is the latest and greatest. He picked out the size, colors, pockets, straps, flap design, etc. Well..... I actually kind of told him what his decision was going to be on the flap design-- but I suppose that he officially had veto power on that too.

Mikey's bagSingle speed cogopenInside... orange

The pictures above are all messenger type bags, but I've done a couple of purse sized bags too. Those actually worked out pretty well.

Have done all of the sewing on my little Pfaff Hobbymatic. It is a surprisingly strong little guy. There are times when all of those layers really push it past its maximum capacity though. The great news is that I just picked up an industrial machine on Friday. It is on indefinite loan from Andrea, and I'm excited to try to figure out how to use it. It will hopefully go through layers a whole lot more easily. NewMachine

So... the idea is that I would like to start making custom bags for whoever would like to order them. I have been working with my friend Sara, and we have a name for our little enterprise: SpoK Bags. Sara has designed a logo for us and we're trying to get labels made. It's just a matter of figuring out which place has the best prices, quality, etc. After that we will be in business.

I won't pester everyone with the weekly update on the bag project-- I understand that others don't find the details of bag straps as fascinating as I do. If you are interested in watching the developments here is the link to my flickr site. I post most of the new stuff there as it comes along. If you are interested in ordering a bag just shoot me an e-mail and we can work out the details.

Hope that this message finds everyone well. Happy Easter.

Take care,


Matt said...

I definately want one of those bags! I like the green one with the cog of course. Awesome job! I'll send an email.


ojulius said...

Nice messenger bags! Do you sell the little Stumpy and Falke characters as well? I really like Stumpy. :)


ojulius said...

Very nice messenger bags! Do you also sell Falke and Stumpy as well? I really like Stumpy. :)


Gybe said...

Nice !!
Those bags look so great...I want mine :D

I hope to see you soon on some Singlespeed race so that we can talk about that ;)