07 April 2007

Bad Brother!

Yes, first off... I'm a bad brother. I forgot (kind of) to tell my sister Happy Birthday last month. Her birthday is St. Patricks day. Kera and I actually went to an Irish bar the night before and I mentioned that I needed to send her an email or an ecard before we left the next morning on our vacation in Mallorca.

So... just so that she knows I thought about it and then forgot. Also, so that I don't forget my brothers birthday that falls on April 13th, I'll cover the bases now.



O.K., what next?

Next... we didn't take a single pic while on vacation in Mallorca. Luckily, Hattem did. Something like 192 to be exact. Check 'em out if you like. I posted a couple here to save some of you the trouble. For the gluttons... Here you go.

By the way, we remedied the lack of a small camera problem and have since purchased a Canon IXUS 850. It's a great little thing. We've already taken a bunch of pics with it. See below or check out our Flickr Page

Mmmm... drinks!
Lunch. Bavarian style

Still no bike or bikes. Might be looking in to buying or building Kera a new commuter bike for her soon to be lengthened trip to work. The thought is that they'll be moving her office out to the 'campus' that SwissRE has a bit further from our place. Then, we might look in to cyclocross bikes which would seem to be the perfect bicycle for use in this part of the world.

Next weekend we're off to Berlin. We're staying in a really curious hotel called the Propeller Island. The link is to the room that we're staying in. It's called Grandma's. Looks kinda cool. Check out the rest of the place. The story is kind of intersting. A hotel all designed by one artist.

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