01 April 2006

I seem to have been remiss..

Meine Frau has informed me that I've been remiss in posting the links to our Egypt trip photos. I suppose that I figured that everyone interested had gotten the links. I'll figure it out though. Here's a link to 'our favorites' of the trip. Our favorite Egypt pics

On Friday, I had an interview with the people who teach the CELTA (ESL) certification course. As part of the process, we had a group informational session, a grammer test and a personal interview. The CELTA course sounds and appears to be very intense. It's taught 4+ days a week from 9:00-17:30 for 5 weeks. It entails us creating lesson plans and has us doing actual teaching with critiques and many other factors.

I'm really hoping that I get accepted. That's all on that.

Spring has sprung! We did that daylight savings time thing last week. It's been light past 7:30 p.m. Unfortunately, it's also been raining a lot as well. Kind of defeats the cyclists purpose for enjoying the DST thing. Well, there's that and the fact that we still haven't figured out where people ride their almost 5000 Euro road bikes. Yes, we rolled by the Bianchi store today and looked in the window. What do you get at the Bianchi store... Bianchi's and Bianchi name branded cycling related items. Imagine a Ferrari dealership for bikes. Kind of strange but oddly appealing! Make my testosterone flow... just a bit.

Tomorrow we're doing a 6 hour cycling 'marathon' indoors on Spin bikes. Should be sweaty and 'interesting'. Monday in class ought to be entertaining for my fellow students. After sitting on the ill fitting seats on the Spin bikes, I'll probably look like I just attented my own Briss. I need the practice. In just a few weeks I have that first big race of the year down in Italy. Whether I do the 65 or 85 km distance is still up for debate.

On one had, Kera's parents will have just arrived in town and it'd be nice to spend some time with them roaming around Garda/Torbole. On the other hand, I could certainly use the miles. I'm guessing that I'll make the decision about the day of the race.

Flowers are blooming, friends are coming over for Mexican food and it's been about 60 degrees outdoors today. Oh... we're having margaritas and Mexican beer too. Life isn't all bad here!


Scott MF Cotter said...

I'm just trying to figure out what the microscopic tools would look like to perform that briss on you, little man!

Spring here too dog. Been riding some trail, drinking some beer and being a general nusiance. Did Oauchita last week...the tour anyway. Boy is that a dandy ride. Harder than anything we did on the crest trail or in Flagg just because it never lets up. 61 miles, 9K of climbing, ouchy ouchy.

Hope you're keeping it real with all the Germans...and letting them know not all Americans are gun-totin', redneck idiots.

Matt said...

Good luck on the ESL job....and let me guess perhaps by day 3 all they want to know are the cuss words. Yeah should fit right in.

Ummmm....it has to be the 85k too. You are representin after all, so stuff a beer in your jersey pocket and make sure to pee on something historic.