17 March 2006

What was I saying?

The view of Garda lake from above our Hotel. My next race is part way around this lake (70+ km).

This is attempt #2 at this blog. We'll see how it goes this time. Wish me luck.

We've been busy since we've been back from Egypt consequently, I've been remiss about updates. This update is out of order, but I think you'll live. Last weekend we drove down to Gardasee, Italy for the weekend. In theory, we made the trip so we could ride our bikes. Things didn't go exactly according to plan. To start the day off, we overslept and didn't get out of Münich till 7:30 a.m. (2 or so hours too late), then we hit a snowstorm about half way. As it turns out, a 3.5 hour drive turned in to a 6+ hour drive.

By the time we got to Garda we decided that a bottle of wine with lunch was in order. After lunch, we lazed around till late afternoon. Next we surmised that it was time to go for a ride, if we were going to. So, down the mountain from our hotel we rode, through Nago and toward Torbole. We then rode around the side of the lake a bit before we began the slow ride up the almost 2 km road back to the Atlantic Club Hotel.

The next morning we awoke to winds blowing in thes 70 kmH range. We quickly made the decision to not go for a ride. Instead, we drove back toward Münich in sunny but much cold weather than the previous day. Along the way, we stopped in Bozen/Bolzano (they double name some of these towns in the North part of Italy, in Deutsch and Italien).

We made it back to Münich in about 4+ hours with the stop, so all was well. Then I sat down to 4+ hours of homework.

Here are some pics that I've been meaning to share..
Pics we took after Egypt

Affing Snow Race.. the ugly one! This replaces the messed up link from a few days ago.

Yesterday, we managed to drag ourselves out for a road ride. It was cold, but it was good just the same. Now that April is here, the weather God's have seen fit to make us think that Spring/Frühling is on the way. We'll see what's next.

Today it's beautiful out. Currently, it's 50 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

Back to homework and consolidating boxes. Till next.... chow!

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Matt said...

So if it's the Atlantic Club Hotel, then why is on Lake Garda?

Looks like a fine place for a race though.