18 April 2006

I can drive!!

I am now in possession of a German Fuhrerschein (license)! Look out Europe. Oddly, no expiration date or anything. You get it and have it forever. Interestingly enough, in my opinion, the Germans tend to drive so much better than most Americans and they only have to do the license thing once.

The photo above would lead you to believe that was Kera's reaction to the news of my new license but was, in fact, a funny face she made whilst out with friends at a concert.

Unfortunately, I got a rejection letter from the CELTA (ESL) certification school. I think that I'd put a little too much hope in to believing that I would get in. Kind of hit me hard. No reason listed in the letter, just "thanks for coming in, you're on the waiting list if we have another class and don't call us, we'll call you." That's the Reader's Digest version.

Head over here to read my friends Jenni and Matt separate blogs. Both are pretty amazing. The two of them have had pretty rash surgeries at different times and keep on going. Kudo's to both. Matt did an amazing double-century (200 miles) last weekend and Jenni recently had hip surgery and is back on the bike herself.

Dee and Don (Kera's parents) arrived this morning. I skipped school and drove out the airport to pick them up. Just for the record, European navigational systems are the best! They talk to you as well as showing you maps and all sorts of navigational info.... duh.

We're off to Italy early in the morning so that I can abuse my body and do the Garda Marathon. As it turns out, it's 76.2 km's long with a lot of vertical climbing and descending. Click on the photo for a better view...

Been doing a bunch of riding lately. After having done a 40 mile mountain bike ride a few 60 km road efforts, I'm feeling pretty good about this weekend. The weather is supposed to be great this weekend as well. Garda Weather

Lastly, caught up with Justine (one of the great people on the adjoining Egypt tour) and we exchanged emails. She, Cory and Daniel were great fun to pester and hang out with. A link to her account of the trip + pics - Justine's page

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Matt said...

Actually I had the colon removed because I'm a weight weenie. I figure I'm at a 1/3rd less turd weight than everyone else. No shit!

Good luck at Garda!