10 February 2006

Weather reminders and a bit of rambling

Cairo this week, temps range from 57-87. Luxor... similar. Münich, well it'll warm up to freezing temps and snow. Currently, it's snowing as a reminder of what we'll be missing whilst in Egypt. Yesterday I witnessed my first snow thunderstorm. I couldn't see the school across the platz behind our building but there was lightning flashing and thunder booming. Very strange.

Today I have a number of things on my agenda. Finish packing, clean out the fridge, do the recycling like a good American-German or the visa-versa. I need to get some US cash (which is very strange looking after dealing in Euros for this long) as it's needed for tips, our Visas and various other things.

A couple pics found on the web of what we'll be seeing. Think of it as a mini travel photo blog till we post ours. , and .

First is the Nile in Cairo

Next are Camels in the desert which we'll be riding at some point - I'm sure my friends from Albuquerque will think this looks like home

Last is the Nile in Luxor where we'll hope on a sailboat for the ride back to Cairo

Tonight we take Baby to her "Aunt Sara & Uncle Christian". Gonna miss that little rodent while we're gone. Two weeks and I'm sure that she'll have forgotten all about us. Like sending your kid off to college.

Training has been off this week since I've been battling the pre-vacation cold. Ugh! I feel like I should be over it in a day or so. While home, I've been putting together our race schedules for this year. If we wished, we could start early next month as the 1st race of one German series is in the Canary Islands (no, it's not in Germany, just cheap to get there from here). It'll include lot's of marathons (which range from 45 km up to about 140 km) and a solo run at a 24 hour series thrown in just to be obnoxious and my attempt to cheat age. Kera and I are doing one 12 hour race together and she may try one solo sometime during the season.

I went snowboarding again on Tues. with Kit and Tom. Next time.... more lessons are in order. I was fine up on top of the mountain, for the most part. It'd sure be nice to be able to do it properly though. When we decided that it was time to head to the car, that's when things started getting sketchy. Damn, who builds those mountains so steeply. I'm holding on for dear life and 4 & 5 year old kids are doing circles around me and swooshing down the mountain. Little rats!

All the while I had a couple of thoughts going through my pea brain: 1) Next time, lessons no matter what Kit says! 2) Kera will kill me if I end up in the hospital with a broken... fill in the blank 3) Where's my ski bike, this would be a blast?!

My rambling has gone on long enough. We'll post along the way if we're able, but don't really expect anything for a few weeks. Till then, stay well!


Anonymous said...

Our Camels are much better looking in Albuquerque.

Have a great trip!


Bike Punk said...

your cat is now shaved except for a mowhawk-like stripe down the center of her back.
don't expect her to be so cuddly when you come back to get her this weekend.

she ate one of my socks too.