30 November 2005

Not much

Little to report. I've had a 1/2 finished blog sitting in the bin for a week. Just can't seem to find the time or motivation to finish it.

A tad depressed today. Not sure if it's the weather, school feeling too tough or that I already feel my friends in K.C. slipping away. Not a guilt thing at all, I've been there before, when I worked nights. Eventually, since you're out of sight, you're out of mind... people quit calling. Can't blame them. I'm sure, in some cases, it'll work both ways.

We've been running about every other morning. It's good. Dark and cold, but good.

Christmas Markets have opened, we've partaken in 4 just last Saturday. This weekend we're heading to Nurnberg to see the most famous one in the world. I'm sure that it'll be a zoo. Pretty, but a zoo.

Here's my dinner....


Anonymous said...

Dinner looks good. Or at least better than mine. Cottage cheese and yogurt. At least the Nebraska connection thinks of you everytime the cowbell rings. It's snowing here and I'm not enjoying the trainer at night. Oh well only a few more days til spring. Anyways have a good one. Capn Cowbell

Bike Punk said...

yup. welcome to Munich, land of depressing winters, and cheap cheap beer.