08 November 2005

Little bitty midget update.

Just a note to tell everyone that I managed to get nearly everything put away in the kitchen today/tonight. I think I managed to empty something like 10 boxes and put things in their places throughout the apartment.

Believe it or not, it's slowly starting to resemble something other than a disaster zone.

Got registered for another semester/term of school yesterday. I'm really realizing that it's going to take me getting off my butt and studying for me to get through the next one. I've got two weeks left in Class I and then a week off... again. I think we get 3 weeks off in Dec. and Jan.

Anyway, sat down with my classmate Svjetlana and went over the "infamous" Die/Der/Das nouns. Basically, it comes down to Feminine/Masculine/Neuter classification. It changes the verb/adverb conjagations and more. I won't bore you. Suffice to say, after 2.5 hours of writing down various rules I'm starting to learn them.

Now, it's up to me to actually start using the language which is the best way to plunge in to it.

Kera gets home from London tonight, late. There's flowers in the new kitchen for her. Have to be the good guy once in awhile.

O.K., night.

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