06 November 2005

Lazy Sunday

A couple of pics from the photos I took over the weekend.

I think I've mentioned this before, but nearly everything is closed on Sunday's in Germany. It's mandated by the government. Therefore, it's rather difficult to get anything done outside the house/apt.

That's pretty much happened with Kera and me today. Our shipping container from America arrived on Friday. It looked like a box bomb had gone off by the time the movers left. Tough guys... 4 floors, no elevator and a lot of stuff that included a large number of heavy wood furniture pieces. Almost everything arrived unscathed.

Anyway, my back's been bugging me for some reason and the heavy lifting probably hasn't helped at all. So, today, I tried to take it easy and Kera puttered around putting a few things away. Puttering meant I think she cleared 10 or so boxes. I helped a little but spent a fair portion of the day working on homework.

We went out for a bit to eat a late lunch and walk around a little. Kera got her stuff ready to leave on a 2 day business trip to London and I did more homework. After some serious thought and discussion, I've decided to continue with the next level of class. Along with that, I think I need to force myself to start speaking Deutsch a lot more often. It's tough as I don't like looking like an idiot... except when I mean to.

Kera left around 5:00 for the airport. After she left, I finished homework and the Dave Chapelle DVD's we'd rented. I went out after finishing only to find that the video store is also closed on Sunday night. Ugh. I then took a little walk in the drizzle just to get some fresh air and see if I could dig up a late dinner. I ended up picking up a yummy pizza from the corner pizzeria and playing at home.

Tomorrow, it's school registration and a new kitchen. Wish me/us luck!

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