11 June 2006

Sunday/Sonntag is race day!

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We went racin' this morning. Our task for today was to take part in the Tegernseer Tal Marathon race. Kera entered the 57 km and I the 77 km marathon. There was one shorter at 39.8 km and one longer at 100 km. We both had a pretty great day. Neither of us has any real idea of where we finished, but we're both very happy with how we felt and performed during the race.

For Kera, the course was perfect. Good climbs with loads of speedy doubletrack. She loved it! Here's the Höhenprofile. Kera did the Streke B (Red) and I did Streke C (Yellow). You can click on the pic for the full view. The first climb isn't all that bad and the second is a no brainer. Sadly, the one stretch of singletrack was a forced walking section. After the long flat-ish section we did a loop through town where Kera's race finished. I then headed out again and went up and over Wallberg.

On Wed. (my day off) I went and pre-rode the course with our friend Tom (often referred to as the Crazy Scottish guy). That day was good, but it was one of those days that I was burning up whilst climbing and freezing going down the other side of every mountain. Today, well, it was a damn near perfect day in Bavaria. I think it's about 75 F and not a cloud in the sky. Amazing!

I'll have to drag the camera along one day when we go down to ride as it's the perfect image of Bavaria. There are grassy meadows in the mountains with the great Bavarian houses, which often serve as restaurants and beer gardens for hikers and cyclists. There are also all the forests and rivers that flow through as well. All the while you're riding past the people in traditional Bavarian dress hiking around. Pretty cool!

For those in K.C., you'll understand when I say that I can get to Tegernsee and the mountains to ride in the time it took me to get to Landahl before. It's about 50 km's out there. Unfortunately, it's a lot of two lane road with local traffic. Just have to go early in the a.m.

If I'm correct, tomorrow officially starts to work for a new company... SwissRE. For the most part, our lives as ex-pats will remain the same. In fact, from what's been discussed, everything, but the car is the same. The car.. our spaceship, is going back to it's 'real' owner. We don't know how, what or when of the details but it seems that we'll end up with some sort of vehicle in the end. All we can do is wait for it to get sorted out.

Work has been strange. We had a couple of huge groups on Mon. & Tues. other than that, I didn't work at all this past week. Even with the World Cup going on which has brought giant groups to the bike tours, we've been slow as far as groups heading to the castle are concerned. Come on people...! It's finally beautiful outside and no one seems to want to see this amazing part of the world.

Update, before I update you guys... results for last weekends race came in. Kera - overall 197th out of 253 & in her class 25th out of 44 (great for a roadie!) Me - overall 133 out of 274 (o.k.) & my age class 26th out of 89 (pretty good for a singletrack guy).


Matt said...

Cool Mike - sounds like one heck of a race. Did Kera used to work for ERC (GE) before? Just curious. If she knows what IRI was, then I worked for them years ago.

ojulius said...

Congrats to you and Kera on the race! Sounds like it was lots of fun.

Bummer on losing that super cool navigation system. :(

Got a chance to waste some time on Ad Freak. Cool site!