25 June 2006

Day off and lazy

So, this week I worked a grand total of hours approaching 72. Kera realized that is the most hours that I've ever worked since we've known each other. Ugh! About the only thing that I can say about it... at least I'm enjoying every day of it. Well, to rephrase that... most every day of it. Last Wed. was kind of a strange day at our company. It's normally my day off as well as Brad (the guide that lives down in the neighboring town to Neuschwanstein). Instead, our owner decided to capitalize on World Cup fever and run a bus that day without consulting either of us. Hmmm.

Somewhere there is me as a guide. At the top is a great shot of the castle that Kera took from Mary's bridge.

Anyway, we worked it out and Wed. morning we had a small (30 seater) and more than enough people to fill it and send some on the train. Turns out, it was a scorcher here (33/94) and many of the people had been on the Insomniac Tour the previous night. Long story short; hot bus + hung-over people + winding mountain roads = 3 people puking in to buckets on the bus. CHARMING!!! In the end, I ended up leaving my restaurant menus on that bus in the tumult and the bus driver was a dick. Oh, did I mention that we ended up stuck in the castle for 45 mins. due to almost ping-pong ball size hail!

I had a group of people that had to be back to the train to avoid getting back to München before 10:00 so as soon as the hail stopped we ran down the mountain so that they could get back on the bus. My light PataGUCCHI rain parka kind of gives the illusion of being water proof/resistant. In the downpour, it basically turned in to bright orange SaranWrap! Ah well... all in a days work. I got the people to the bus on time though (pat on my back)!

World Cup... of those of the unenlightened. Germany beat Sweden 2:0 yesterday to advance to the 1/4 finals. You'd have thought that they won the whole thing. People were in the streets most of the night partying. Good times!

Tomorrow, the Spaceship goes bye-bye! We have to clean it up and give it back tomorrow evening. We didn't know until a few days ago that GE had cancelled the insurance on it before we drove it down to Tegernsee for the race a couple of weeks ago. That could have been bad.

Kera's taken a number of pics down at Neuschwanstein. Some really cool ones too. I've got some I still need to upload. Soon folks. Gives you an idea of what I get to see each day and why I enjoy it so much. In case you've missed past posts, here's where to go Neuschwanstein site.

Been thinking alot about what I'm going to do after this job is done (at the end of Oktoberfest in mid Sept.). At this point, who knows? Might try to get an ESL certification, might attempt to start the frame building or trail building business or might check in to other guide jobs or start something myself. All of it's going through my mind. Hell, I get a few hours a day to ponder these things. I'm stubborn and resourcful, so I'll figure something out.

Actually thought I might have something being lined up the other day with a customer. She asked if I might be interested in sales. She worked for an American company that makes a phone/GPS combo. Anyway, she asked for my info. so that her cohort in Germany could contact me. We got back to München and I had to help someone race to the main train station. When I turned around she, her boyfriend and almost everyone else was gone. Ah well, another time.

Kera and I managed to pull of going out to breakfast, she took a nap and then we went for a mountain bike ride. Along the way we stopped at a beach and sat with our feet in the water amongst the naked and clothed people on the beach. Amazing how the more you're around it, the less you even notice (i.e. get a clue powers that be in the US).

I've been running a lot since I don't have time to ride. I'm up at 6:00 3+ mornings a week for a 45-60 min. run through town. We're still planning to do a 1/2 marathon sometime later in the year.

Last but not least... congrats to my friends Amy and Robert on the birth of their son Jack.

That's about it for today. Have a great week.


Matt said...

Sounds like an interesting week - except for the euro-vomit!

ojulius said...

You and Kera never cease to find fun, new things to do out there. It's great that the 2 of you got such an awesome opportunity.

Have fun with Erik...he's a trip.