29 October 2006

Fall.. it's here!

Yes, I know, it's been awhile since the last post...AGAIN! Seems to be a reoccurring theme.

Random news. You can see by the pics that it's definitely leaf peeping season. Also, for those of us in Europe, it's the day to change your clocks. We woke this morning to rain & Grey skies. We also couldn't figure out why my computer was an hour different than my watch. Hmm, now we know. That means it'll be at least an hour before I can get Pretzel's to mate with our breakfast of Weisswurst & Bretzen (Pretzel's). It's really good... trust me! A traditional Bavarian breakfast constitutes Weisswurst, Bretzen (Pretzel's) & a Weissbier (Wheat Beer).

The last couple of weekends we've hit the Alps on the mountain bikes. Two weeks ago with went with our friends Suzanna & Matthias. This past weekend we found our way by ourselves. The Alps are normally beautiful, this is even more the case in the Fall.

In any case. It's definitely fall here in Germany. I suppose it's the same almost everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. Well, since I wrote that, it's turned to winter. That's just in a couple of days. Yesterday... 75 F. Today it dropped to a high of 45 F and tomorrow, well, let's say it' supposed to be friggin' cold. Below freezing and a chance of snow. Guess I'd better get that snowboard ready. Thanks Robert!

This week, I pulled the trigger on a new bike. Of course, as life would have it I broke my old bike, last week. It wasn't supposed to overlap like that. Hell, it's my own fault as Kera told me to get a new bike way back in May when Dee & Don were here and I did the race in Garda. Yes, sometimes it actually takes awhile for me to make a decision like this. In any case, here's a pic very similar to what the new bike will look like.

Here's a pic of the crack on the old bike. By the way, it's going back to the builder for either repair (which I've been told might well be impossible). In any case, I might end up with a new frame out of the deal when it all settles out in the end. I think I've made the decision that the reborn Curtlo will be my race bike (with gears and a shock. Will wonders never cease! The new Black Sheep will pretty much be a dedicated SS for most of it's life. Hurray!

Our friends Nikki & Aaron came and went. While they were here we did a number of things including hitting Salzburg, Northern Italy, Venice, Garda and more. It was great to see them as they're fantastic friends, but even more so, they're the one's that introduced Kera and me. Ahhh, isn't that cute? Here's pics from that adventure. Nikki & Aaron pics

On Friday, we have repeat offender's Teri & Tony arriving. We're going to spend a week of being bums in Tuscany. The plan is to eat, drink and relax for a full week. I think we'll be hitting vineyards, the Vespa museum and other museums and sights in the area. We'll probably even have to make a jaunt over to the ocean for a day. We'll make it up as we go along.

I've been riding a bunch lately and have taken a bunch of pics while doing it. Check 'em out here... pics

Lastly, I've been sending out resumes to language schools and haven't gotten any bites... yet. I've also been mulling over the idea of starting a small business. We'll see if that idea pans out. Wish me luck either way.

Till next time... Ciao!

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Matt said...

Vespa Museum? So does this mean you ride a Vespa through a museum or is it just dedicated to the history of moving people on two wheel motorized bikes?

Cool on the Black Sheep! My Moots is close to birthing, just waiting parts and wheel build.