07 January 2006

Howdy 2006!! 'Sup?

Happy New Year everyone.... You've had a week for the newness to wear off. I hope you've all figured out whether or not you'll be able to uphold those resolutions, whether made on New Years or otherwise. I wish you well in that regard.

Next... please send good thoughts and prayers to my friends Catherine and Anne. They can use all the heaping helpings of love, thoughts and prayers (to any deity) that you can send them right now. Yes, I'm thinking of you two. Be well my dears.

Other news.. we had a fun but relaxed New Years celebration with Sara and Christian. Just hung out, did fondue (for hours), talked and watched really, really bad old videos from the late 70's & early 80's. At midnight, or slightly before, we started lighting fireworks. It's a HUGE tradition here. The skies light up for about 3 hours. Every corner is filled with people, young and old sending things in to the heavens.

We're starting to get excited... er, I'm getting there, Kera is giddy about the Egypt trip. Here's the link http://geckosadventures.com/mid_east/trip_overview.asp?trip=2028 It just takes me awhile to get excited. It'll happen about the time that we hit the airport on the way there.

I don't know HTML... someone help me here...
[URL=http://geckosadventures.com/mid_east/trip_overview.asp?trip=2028] Here's the Egypt link[/URL]

Lastly... Ugh! Did the Snow (should have been ICE) Race yesterday. Kind of feel as though I've been beaten up and left in an alley. I did get lucky #13 (my birthday, oddly enough) and that probably dictated how many times that I'd hit the ground.

In 51 km I had somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-13 crashes. Most of them were on the first lap. I had two really hard hits on the second lap. At that point I was going much faster and I was tired. Looks like I'll be buying a new helmet due to one of them. Nothing like sliding on your back/shoulders/head and feeling your head hit a rock. Nice dent in the helmet. Better than my head.

At some point there'll be pics and I'll try to post 'em. No idea how I did, but I was the only one in our group of four to finish the race. Must've been between 200-250 idiots out there with me. A lot were just doing the 26 km or the Duathlon. I think that there were only two single-speeds. One was Tom and then myself.

Think that's about all for now.. Have a great weekend.

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