22 December 2005

It's beginning to feel... like er, Weinachts

Weinachts is Christmas to these here folks! Just so you know, Santa has very little to do with Christmas. St. Nikalous (sic) has his own day on Dec. 6th and with the infusion of American culture in to every part of the world (not always such a good thing) Santa is slowly gaining a little ground.

Other news... Teri & Tony came and went. They left in their wake smiles, a few more photos and a beautiful serving platter and the 1st Season of South Park on 3 DVD's. Yippee! Thanks so much you guys. We had a blast having them here and hope we didn't bore them too much as we made them wander one Kristkindelmarkt (Christmas Market) after another.

Kera and I joined a gym. It's in an effort to enter the '06 racing season in some sort of shape. We have 8 locations to choose from to work out, 3 maybe 4 of which are within a 10 minute bike ride from our apartment. Spinning, spinning, spinning! Nothing like riding your bike to spin and then ride home. It actually seems to work as a decent warm-up and cool down though.

Gym's are super expensive here. Think many car payments... that's with a corporate discount. Complete redirect: However, I have found out how much fun it can be to ride a fixed gear in the snow. The trick I'm working on is to spin the cranks a full turn backwards whilst stopping/skidding. Yup, I'm an idiot!

Thanks for the Christmas cards and gifts that people have sent.

We miss y'all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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